A Word From Tim

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Cross Church is an amazing place filled with amazing people who allow God to do amazing things in and through them. We have a big dream, a sense of purpose, a compelling vision, and a strategy to reach un-churched and de-churched people in our community. We are driven by that vision and sense of purpose. We want God to use us to make a measurable difference in and through people that will last for all of eternity. Lives are being changed. Marriages are being restored. Users and abusers are being transformed. Broken lives are being mended. Our dream is about life transformation and the limitless possibilities to see God meet unlimited needs. We truly want to be a place of hope and restoration for the undecided masses. Please join us as we walk together through Miracle Territory, attempting the impossible so that the God of impossible can prove Himself to all those who are desperately looking for something real and life-changing to believe.

Pastor Tim Rhodus