• Lesterville, MO

June 18th, 19th, 20th

COST: $100 dollars/student

6th - 12th grade

We will leave after Church on the 18th and return home late afternoon on the 20th.

There are a few exciting things we do on our canoe trip: One being the obvious, taking a whole day and canoeing down Black river. Also one afternoon we will get to go to Johnson shut-ins state park. Johnson Shut-ins has a few things to offer like natural made rock water slides, a swimming hole, and a couple spots to cliff jump (12 ft is the max height). We will also visit Elephant park on the way home, this is a park full of rocks that are bigger then all three of our church campus put together, and your student will get to explore that and all of its beauty. Lastly we do a bible study every night out by the camp fire and usually run town to buy everyone ice cream for the night.

It's a great experience your student does not want to miss!

for additional info contact: cameron@thecrossmatters.org